Cat Boarding Experience Cat condos are available for single cat or multi-cat families. Condos are units with an upstairs and downstairs and ledges to nest in, on and under. One-on-one time can be provided - petting, brushing and playing to keep your cat entertained.

Health Requirements

Vaccinations The following vaccinations are required to be current for all of our guests: • RABIES (required by PA State Law) • DISTEMPER • Negative test for Feline Leukemia Veterinarian vaccination records can be e-mailed, faxed or mailed prior to your pet’s stay. Medications Pills should be put in a daily dosing pill box marked with your pet’s name and instructions. Please include in the instructions the type of medication and the reason the medication is being administered. Flea Treatments Each pet must be on a vet recommended treatment. A receipt or photo copy of product box can be e-mailed, faxed or mailed prior to your pet’s stay.


Meals are served according to your pet's needs and schedule. We feed your pet their own food brought from home according to their regular feeding routine. Please do not alter their normal food/treats schedule for their stay. Changes in diet could affect them during their stay. Food should be brought in Ziploc bags with each meal measured and labeled with your pet's name. We have refrigeration for those foods requiring it and a microwave to heat any specialty foods. Canned and prepackaged wet food can be brought in the original containers.
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