We understand that it can be hard to drop off a member of the family. We hope that the tips and checklist below will help with the process.  PRE-BOARDING CHECK LIST Vaccination records submitted 1 week prior to check in day for pre-approval Any special instructions for your pet’s stay Medications Pre-order little extras to save 10% Dry food in ziplock bags for each meal; Wet food in original packages Small clean blanket A few toys, chewies, or kong Cash, check, or credit card for the balance due at check in. Because pets sense and reflect our emotions, try to make their drop off a positive experience by staying happy and enthusiastic when dropping them off. While it is very hard to do, sometimes the best way is to turn over the leash to the staff and allow us to take your pet right out to a play yard while they are curious about the new place. We will take time to introduce them to our family, their vacation spot and their room to help minimize any stress from being away from home. When picking up your pet after their stay, your pet will be very excited to see you. The excitement of seeing you may result in a lot of panting on the ride home. We recommend only giving a little bit of water and/or food for a few hours after they return home to avoid any problems that may arise from too much excited drinking and eating.
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