Pet Grooming Glamorous K9s Pet Grooming Salon is independently operated by Kayla Henry – Molly’s Paws, LLC. Your Appointment All grooming is done by appointment only. Grooming Services Your pet's full service grooming includes: Therapeutic bath that massages and loosens dead skin, using shampoos suited to the client’s skin and coat needs Blow-Out and dry which removes loosened hair and fluffs coat Pedicure (nail trim and paw pad cleaning) Ear Cleaning & Flushing De-shedding Scarf and/or Bow Styling/Clipping A La Carte Services Extra special services for your pet’s needs Special Skin Treatments Deodorizing Treatments Blueberry Facial Scrub (whitens face) Anal Glands (external only) Teeth Brushing / Plaqclnz Treatment DeMatting Flea/Tick Shampoo Frontline Plus (price according to pet size) Nail Caps Nail Grinding Vaccination Requirements The following vaccinations are required to be current for all of our guests: Rabies Distemper
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