Little Extras

We all enjoy those "little extras" during vacation - that's what vacation is all about ... time to get spoiled for awhile. Here are a few "extras" that can help with their well deserved spoiling!

Spoil Me / Extra-Extra Attention

Your pet will have an extra special one-on-one time customized to your pet’s needs and personality. Hold me, pet me, belly rubs, hugs & kisses, quiet walk in play yards or just hanging out. $10 for 30 minutes

Kong/Toy Fills

We can add a tasty filling and serve it fresh or frozen for a refreshing and entertaining snack. Kongs and toys are available for purchase, or you may bring your own from home. Yummy Gourmet fills: $2 Peanut Butter: $1

Peanut Butter Filled Hooves

All natural chew bones: $6 each

Frozen Yogurt Cups

Our frozen yogurt is healthy and natural. Multiple flavors are available. $3 each Pupcorn Popcorn served to your pet while watching the evening movie. $1 each
Play Sessions Guests get an extra 30-minute special play time. Sessions are customized to your pet’s needs and physical level. Sessions may include ball or Frisbee play, play on the playground equipment, walk in play yard, or a game of chase. $10 for 30 minutes K9 Surf Klub Card SAVE $20 with the K9 Surf Klub Card. Purchase 5 Spoil Me or Play Sessions and get 2 FREE. K9 Surf Klub Card is good for Extra-Extra Attention Sessions and Play Sessions. $50 each ($70 Value!) Crumpets Large Healthy soft gourmet treat by “K9 Granola Factory” and made of granola, rolled oats and honey (good for your pet's immune system) with yogurt icing. Served to our guests as a mid-day snack and/or bedtime snack. $3 each
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