Policies, Terms and Conditions

Your Pet’s Visit to Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove

If your pet is left in our care for boarding, grooming or daycare, Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove will provide your pet with a clean, safe and properly enclosed environment, and feed and exercise your pet on a regular schedule or otherwise in accordance with your reasonable instructions. Your pet will not be removed from the Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove except with your prior consent, unless in the case of emergency.

Provided by Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove

Individual room Cots and bedding Food and water bowls Individual play yards and exercise time appropriate for your pet’s age and health

What to Bring

Food: We feed your pet their own food to keep their diet consistent.  Please package individual meals in Ziploc bags with your pet’s name to ensure we serve the proper size portions and that your pet has meals for their entire stay. Toys, Bones and Treats: Familiar items from home are great for your pet and help us entertain your pet during their stay. Blankets: A small freshly washed blanket can bring scents from home with your pet. Please understand that items that pose a potential choking hazard will not be left in the suite.


Medications and supplements can be administered during your pet’s stay. Medications can be included in meal Ziploc bags or separated in a daily dosing pill container with your pet's name on it. “Delivery Methods” can also be brought - i.e. peanut butter, lunch meat, cheese, pill pockets. Please bring only enough meds for the days/dosing your pet will need for its stay.


To prevent the spread of disease while your pet is at Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove, pets must be current on the following vaccinations, tests and treatments:

Boarding/Day Care:

Dogs: 1. Rabies 2. Distemper 3. Bordetella 4. Flea Treatment  Cats: Rabies Distemper Negative Feline Leukemia Test Flea Treatment


Pets: Rabies Distemper Vaccination records and the receipt or box cover for the flea treatment (copies are OK) can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to us prior to your pets visit.  The vaccinations records will be kept on file for future reservations.  The flea treatment should be veterinarian approved – i.e. Frontline, Advantage, Advantix. Even if a pet is vaccinated against kennel cough (bordetella) or other illnesses, it is possible that a pet may contract kennel cough or another illness during a visit to Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove. You specifically agree that Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove shall in no way be responsible for death or injury should your pet contract kennel cough or another illness while at Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove.  If your pet is found to have fleas and/or ticks, it will be bathed and/or treated by Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove at owner’s expense. Areas occupied by the pet will also be treated at the owner’s expense.

Notification of Medical Conditions

If a pet has a medical condition of any sort, we must be notified at the time of booking.


If your pet requires medical attention, Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove will attempt to contact you for instructions regarding care. If Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove is unable to contact you within a reasonable period of time, or if Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove otherwise determines in good faith that the condition of the pet requires immediate medical attention, Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove is hereby authorized to administer such medical attention as it deems appropriate, or seek medical attention for your pet from a veterinarian designated by you or, if no such designation has been made, by any veterinarian selected by Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove. All costs and expenses incurred by Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove or such veterinarian are your sole responsibility and will be paid promptly by you.

 Open Hours

Dog Boarding 7:30 - 8:30 AM 5:00 - 6:00 PM Seven Days a Week Cat Boarding 8:30 – 9:30 AM 4:00 – 5:00 PM Seven Days a Week


No drop-off or pick-up will be available on official holidays.  Boarding guests staying over the Holidays will receive full tending and exercise services.


A 50% deposit is required for reservations greater than 3 days. The balance of the reservation is due at check-in. The total amount of reservations of 3 days or less is due at the time of booking. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash or Check.


The balance of all fees and expenses are payable at check-in. If any fees or expenses payable by you are not paid within ten (10) days after they are due, or if your pet is not claimed within ten days of its scheduled pick-up date, Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove reserve the right to exercise any and all remedies available. You agree to promptly notify Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove of any change in the scheduled pick up date of your pet, and agree to be responsible for and pay any additional charges incurred as a result of a change in a scheduled pick up date.

Cancellation Policy

A two week notice is required for cancellations or reductions on reservations greater than 3 days to be eligible for a deposit refund.  A $25 fee will be charged for cancellations and reductions. Reservations for stays of 3 days or less are non-refundable. If a pet is picked up before the scheduled date, we reserve the right to charge for the full scheduled period. This is because we can only take other bookings for periods that have not been booked by others.

Pictures and Videos

Photographs and or videos may be taken during your pet’s stay with us and may be used in advertising or media purposes. All such materials are the property of Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove.  Owners may request in writing for their pet’s images to not be used.

Aggressive / Destructive Temperaments

In cases where animals are left that prove to be aggressive towards other animals or staff, or are destructive to our facilities, we will contact you to arrange their removal. All damage caused by an animal to any area will be charged to the owner.


Standard precautions will be used against the injury, escape or death of pets. Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove will not be held responsible for injuries that occur, provided that standard care and precautions have been followed as determined at the sole discretion of Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove. You agree and understand that there are inherent risks when dealing with animals. You understand and agree that under no circumstances shall Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove be responsible for illness, injury or death (including aggravation of existing injuries or conditions) to pets.


As additional consideration for Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove accepting your pet for any and all services, you hereby release Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove from any and all cost and expense resulting from or related to loss or damage to your pet, including loss or damage resulting from or caused by disease, running away, theft, fire, or other animals or people or loss or damage to persons or property caused or alleged to be caused by your pet. In addition, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove and its employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims resulting from any action by your pet.

Right to Refuse to Provide Services

Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove reserve the right to refuse service or participation to any person or pet at any time.


This Agreement applies to all services provided by Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove, including boarding, daycare, grooming and use of the play yards each time your pet visits Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove. You have the right to terminate this Agreement with respect to any future visit by providing written notice of such termination Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove prior to such future visit.  Glamorous K9s/K9 Cove reserve the right to refuse service or participation to any person or pet at any time.
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